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Luminous Eco Watt 850 Home UPS Inverter + Exide Tube Master TM500L+

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Key Feature

  1. Inverter Capacity: 850 VA
  2. Inverter Output: Square Wave
  3. Battery Capacity: 150 Ah
  4. Brand: Luminous + Exide
  5. Warranty: 24 Months Free of Cost + 12 Months Pro Rata
  6. Pro-Rata: New battery at pro-rata warranty (Pro-rata warranty discounts will be applicable on prevailing MRP of the new battery).

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Luminous Eco Watt 850 Home UPS and EXIDE TUBE MASTER TM500L+

Luminous ECO WATT 850/865/900 Home UPS is a square wave home UPS designed with a simple user interface, making it simpler to maintain batteries and inverters without any worry. A highly efficient home UPS model, it fulfils power backup requirements with customer-centric innovation, giving battery life a 70% enhancement.



  1. Powerful thermal management system to auto-cool or shut down system depending on temperature.
  2. Inbuilt water-level sensor indicating battery water requirements.
  3. Promotes longer battery life with automated holiday mode and no-load shutdown.
  4. Charges battery quickly with 3 selectable current settings and even at low current availability of 110 V Mains AC.
  5. Saves battery consumption and life with advanced battery maintenance systems.
  6. Offers four layers of protection: Overload with Auto Reset, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection and Batter Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option.
  7. Uses FSW technology for long-term life and efficiency.
  8. There are visual indicators for Charging, Eco Overload, Battery Electrolyte Level, Low Battery Level and ON Mains.
  9. There are audio alarms for Battery Over Voltage, Short Circuit Trip, No Load Shutdown, Battery Low Pre-Alarm, Battery Low Trip, Overload and UPS ON.
  10. Overload, battery-deep discharge, ultra-fast short circuit and battery reverse polarity protection.


The ECO WATT 850/865/900 Home UPS uses ABCC technology for:
  1. negligible water loss
  2. better profile adjustment
  3. advanced battery management
  4. 70% enhanced battery life
  5. faster charging


Exide Tube Master TM500L Plus

The new Tube Master range are manufactured as per Exide’s proprietary Tubular technology using one of the world’s most exclusive, advanced and state-of-the-art ‘HADI’ high pressure spine casting (at 100 bar) machines, which is not commonly available.

With hi-tech R&D center at Kolkata, Exide has developed the high-corrosion resistant and robust spine technology using the HADI process, which ensures a super fine grain structure, for strength, long life and highest reliability.



  1. Tough tubular battery with thicker plates for tough conditions.
  2. Made with Exide’s Torr Tubular technology.
  3. Housed in tall DIN containers.
  4. More electrolyte – higher acid volume per ampere hour.
  5. Most suitable for deep cycle application.


Electrical LoadRecommended Inverter RatingBack-Up Time
2 Tubelight + 2 Fan + 1 TV + 3 CFL600 to 1150 VA4:45 to 5:15 Hours
2 Tubelight + 4 Fan + 1 PC + 3 CFL600 to 1150 VA3:00 to 3:30 Hours
5 Tubelight + 7 Fan + 1 PC + 7 CFL600 to 1150 VA1:30 to 2:00 Hours


LUMINOUS ECO WATT 850 HOME UPS Home UPS and Exide Tube Master TM500L Plus
BrandLuminous + Exide
Inverter TypeInverter-Home UPS
Inverter Capacity850 VA
Inverter OutputSquare Wave
Inverter/UPS Warranty2 Years
Battery Warranty24 F + 12 P
Battery Capacity150 Ah

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